Artificial Superintelligence as the next big thing

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The next really big thing is not some sample of exponential technologies, as different experts like to recall: ML/DL, quantum computer, additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR), digital biology and biotech, data science, smart medical tech, nanotech, robotics, autonomous vehicles, etc…

Exponential Technology | Deloitte Insights

The viable and sustainable solutions of the world’s most complex problems can be found at the intersection of exponential technologies.

The next big thing is the fusion of exponential technologies, as the top techno-human convergence of human-cyber-physical systems, titled as Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) as succeeding AGI.

Kiryl Persianov's answer to Is AGI possible?

ASI is now emerging as the universally distributed hybrid human-digital global intelligence, driven by digital ontology, global data platform, master algorithms, AutoML/DL platforms, 5G, to be implemented as AI Internet.

ASI embraces Human Individual and Collective intelligence (CI), a group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of human minds, used in sociobiology, political science, crowdsourcing applications, social media, etc.

Human collective intelligence is an emergent property from the synergies among: 1) data-information-knowledge; 2) software-hardware; and 3) experts (those with new insights as well as recognized authorities) learning from feedback loops of reinforcement learning. Collective intelligence - Wikipedia

ASI also covers the "global brain" as the emerging intelligent network formed by all people on this planet, together with the computers and communication links that connect them together. An immensely complex, self-organizing and decentralized system, it is to process data-information-knowledge, make decisions, solve problems, learn new connections, discover new ideas, etc, playing the role of a collective nervous system for the whole of humanity”. The Global Brain FAQ

The Global Brain Institute/The Global Brain as the distributed intelligence emerging from the Internet

ASI is thus emerging as the integration/synthesis/synergy/fusion/combination of human collective intelligence and exponential technologies:

specific artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning systems,

advanced robotics, cognitive robots and drones,

the Internet, internet of things,

5G, mobile internet, smart phones,

virtual and augmented reality,

additive manufacturing and 3D printing,

blockchain technology,

autonomous vehicles,


alternative energy systems,

biotechnology, digital medicine, etc.

Technology Trends - Exponential Technology Trends Defining 2019

Due to AI, a rational man is becoming a superintelligent transhuman being:

a homo sapiens + smartphone + Internet/Web/Google + World Data/Information/Knowledge + AI cloud + the IoT +…


Real AI Manifesto: Artificial Global Intelligence (AGI)

"Whoever Creates Real Artificial Intelligence Will Rule the World"

Universal computing ontology as applied to human minds and general AI: