SSI and eIDAS: a vision on how they are connected - Share your views!

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    20 May 2019 - updated 1 year ago
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Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is an emerging concept, relying on blockchain technologies, associated to the way identity is managed in the digital world. Focused on user-centricity, it aims to give users full control of their own identity, without relying on any centralised authority.

As the blockchain community in Europe has started working on implementing SSI, some groups have raised their doubts and concerns with regards to the alignment of SSI with the European legal framework, especially the GDPR and the eIDAS Regulation, asking for guidance and support (see for example the report on blockchain and identity of the EU blockchain Observatory and Forum or the position paper from the Identity Working Group of the German Blockchain Association).

In that sense, this short document aims to start a reflection on the issue, by providing a view and some ideas of how the trust framework created by the eIDAS Regulation and related services can support the development and implementation of the Self-Sovereign Identity concept in Europe.

The objective is to raise awareness and stimulate a conversation on how the deployment of blockchain technology in the EU could leverage and benefit from the eIDAS regulatory framework, thus contributing to the development of a secure, privacy-respectful and legally predictable digital identity ecosystem, in which users are able to create and control their own identity.

The document is shared for an open discussion with all of you. We would like to hear from everyone interested in this topic!

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