Topological Matter

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    Thanassis Chrissafis
    4 December 2017 - updated 3 years ago
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Topological matter, strongly based on topology and quantum physics, is a rapidly emerging area that after an initial focus on insulators now touches the whole range of material properties, providing advances in spintronics, photonics, plasmas, mechanics, superconductivity, elasticity, acoustics and their combinations, among others. Here concept development together with design, realisation and testing of topological devices are called for to unleash the promise of topological matter beyond the pure physics and mathematics aspects. The much expected robustness, wide spectral range and topologically-protected spin- and transport properties call for an engineering approach to apply the multi-physics of wave-matter interactions to novel, potentially lossless communication components and circuits. Challenges to be addressed include compact designs and fabrication technologies, setting figures of merit and benchmarks relevant to functions.

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