Living Technologies

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    Jose-Luis Ferna...
    17 November 2017
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This initiative seeks to build on the emerging understanding from evolutionary biology, ethology, micro-, plant- and animal biology of essential features of living systems such as physical autonomy, growth, interaction and enaction, adaptation and evolution, among others. The aim is to create new functional biological, technological or hybrid artefacts, with similar capabilities of purposeful stability and change. This can also lead to hybrid materials and systems with programmable features of shape, structure, functionality and evolvability (including for their use in bio-robotics or bio-engineering), potentially constructed from naturally existing complexes, through synthetic biology, systems biology and /or chemical biology. New insights into the multi-level mathematics and complexity of living systems or the boundaries/characteristics of life may also emerge from this. Work on ethical implications should be included.


Want to do a project on this? The FET Proactive call for proposals on this topic is now open. The deadline is 22 March 2018. For further information check out the FET Proactive topic web page. You can also use this platform to build connections, to share ideas, and to benefit from other's expertise.