Artificial organs, tissues, cells and sub-cellular structures

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    6 December 2017 - updated 3 years ago
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Merging the growing understanding of genome, proteome, metabolome and cell behaviour with strategies for the engineering and use of biological and hybrid functional constructs is the core of this initiative. Proposals should build on recent advances in integrative biology (including modelling and simulation) and bio-engineering for engineering biological, artificial or hybrid sub-cellular systems (e.g. synapses, organelles, vesicles), highly specific cell assemblies (including microbial) and proper differentiation, tissues, organs or multi-organ systems. Examples of long-term research targets include synthetic cell building, cell assembly, and organ reproduction, replacement, control or repair of vital organ functions (e.g. following ageing, trauma or disease), their use in the development of personalised treatment, drugs or vaccines, and high-throughput organ- and body-on-chip technologies.


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