What is the future of open access publishing?

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    Celina Ramjoué
    7 October 2015 - updated 4 years ago
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What is the future of open access publishing? Green? Gold? Or something else altogether?

On 12 October 2015, the European Commission hosted a Workshop on "Alternative Open Access Publishing Models: Exploring New Territories in Scholarly Communication" designed to pool information and expertise on how to move forward the debate on open access to publications.

The event was fully webstreamed and could be followed on Twitter under #AlterOA.

Why did we run this workshop? After the Commission announced its rules on open access in Horizon 2020 in late 2013, it quickly became clear that there are many different ways of complying with the open access to publications mandate, one of the central requirements of the policy. Discussions soon went beyond the classic "green versus gold open access" discussion (green: depositing articles in an online repository and granting open access after an embargo periods; gold: paying scientific publishers a fee upfront to provide open access on publication).

New and alternative open access publishing models are emerging. These could optimise existing arrangements and put forward new ones.

- Which models exist?

- How do they work?

- Why have they been chosen and how have they evolved?

- What works well in these models and what challenges still need to be addressed?

Whether or not you participated in the workshop, your opinions on these questions are needed! Please post your input here.