Speech by Vice-President Ansip at the Next Generation Internet Summit

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    12 June 2017 - updated 3 years ago
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European Commission
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"With the internet, now is a good time to reflect on how we want to place the EU for the future. This is the point of today's conference as we consider initiatives for the Next Generation Internet."

"The next generations of tech innovators represent Europe's digital future.I strongly believe in investing in startups and hi-tech research, both politically and financially: to build a new class of internet innovators, to help them grow and compete globally."

"Certainly, society has expectations for the future – and people want to remain in control in the online environment."

"With the Next Generation Internet, I would sum up our aim as this:

  • to put Europe at the heart of internet technology developments;
  • to help Europeans push farther the frontiers of tech;
  • and to retain people's trust in the online environment as well as their internet engagement."

Read the whole speech here.