Inspiring and Completing European Innovation Ecosystems

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    29 January 2016 - updated 2 months ago
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Klaus Gretschmann and Stefan Schepers
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The first report of the HLG, which was discussed at the informal Competitiveness Council under Ireland’s EU Presidency on 2014, was well received. There was a broad consensus that better innovation policy is not just a function of money spent on research activities or other programmes, but that non-financial means of support are at least as important. Encouraged by the reaction to the initial report, the HLG has now produced a follow-up report, or Blueprint, with proposals for actions and tools to further develop and complete the European Innovation Ecosystem.
Ireland has very much welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the development of this Blueprint on how best to shape the European Innovation Ecosystem. From the outset, particular focus has been how to optimise the benefits of research investment for European jobs, growth and society. The High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management has set this as a cornerstone of its recommendations.
Blueprint's mission is ‘The promotion of the Common Good and the launch of a new period of prosperity for Europe and its citizens’.