Have your say on the topics to be discussed during the eInfrastructure Proposers Day!

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    Stephanie MATT
    11 January 2017 - updated 4 years ago
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The afternoon of the eInfrastructure Proposers Day of 19th January 2017 will be dedicated to interactive discussion sessions. The objective is to clarify various important issues that proposers will have to address when preparing their projects.

The following list of topics is indicative and we ask you to propose additional ones according to your needs and interests. The final list of topics to be discussed will be decided at the workshop.

  1. Services to be offered through the EINFRA12a and 12b projects. Definition of services; development of list of services; incorporating new services per user demand and/or innovative services that already exist; complementarity between service offerings between EINFRA 12a and EINFRA12 b projects; interaction with eInfra Central projects for the first list of services and the EOSC Pilot projects.

  2. Administrative/process issues. Defining project governance structures, also taking into consideration parallel work in the EOSC Pilot project on EOSC governance; KPIs for services; defining clear KPIs for services; access costs and access processes for services  [transnational costs/ unit costs].

  3. User communities engagement and involvement strategies. Making horizontal services relevant and accessible across scientific fields and addressing gap between service providers and researchers; integrating disciplinary-specific services from previous EINFRA projects into the generic list of services; interaction with ESFRIs.

Please make your suggestions by posting a comment below. Thank you.