FET Proactive

Open consultation on FET Proactive for Horizon 2020 next Work Programme

Do you have a great novel vision for a future technology, far beyond what is currently possible? Could it become real if Europe's best minds were put together to work on it? Share your vision and the European Commission can make it happen via its Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme.

This consultation aims to identify new ideas for game-changing future technologies that will be the basis for a future of economic growth, jobs and for a better society. Your contributions will allow the FET programme to explore the most promising directions for future science and technology by funding far-reaching collaborations that cross the boundaries between disciplines in order to break new technological grounds. They will also transform the way science and innovation are done by exploiting the most advanced tools and methods, in line with the changes we see in the economy[1] and with what some people call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This consultation takes place in the context of the preparation for the FET Work Programme for the period 2018-2020 of Horizon 2020. It concerns in particular the FET Proactive scheme. Note that another consultation dedicated to FET Flagships is available here.

This consultation is now closed.



Please address the following points in your contributions:

  • The big picture: Describe your vision for a game-changing future technology. Why is it new? What difference would it make for Europe's economy, society and citizens?
  • The work needed: What are the main breakthroughs that a proactive initiative on this would need to achieve? What range of disciplines and stakeholders should be involved?
  • The opportunity: What makes you believe that, with suitable time and investment, this can be achieved? Are there developments in science or society that make it plausible? What will drive this to real innovation and impact?


This consultation relates specifically to FET Proactive.

FET Proactive matures novel areas and themes by working towards structuring emerging communities and supporting the design and development of transformative research themes. Its focus is on novel areas that are not yet on the industry's research roadmaps, and builds up new interdisciplinary research communities around them. It makes the step from collaborations between a small number of researchers, to a cluster of activities that coherently address all aspects of a research theme and exchange results. A proactive initiative serves as a reference ('lighthouse') for others to orient their work towards such a new area of research and innovation.

Read more about the objective of the consultation, and background on FET here.

If you have questions, please contact us by email : cnect-fet [at] ec.europa.eu


[1]See digital single market strategy