Digital Single Market from the perspective of the only European competitor to Google

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    20 March 2015 - updated 4 years ago
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2015 is on the market for more than 18 years, currently employing more than 1200 people, to whom are 300 in R&D and innovations. For many Czechs, is synonymous with the Internet. More than a half of Czechs have installed as their main home page. has a 90% reach. This means that 90% of Czechs using the Internet in the Czech Republic use our services at least once a month. generates 60% of all Czech page views as well as visits. There is no other Internet company on the Czech market that would have such a great reach.

On behalf of, the strongest media house and technological company in the Czech Republic and the only European competitor to Google in both search and digital services, we hereby provide you with some comments concerning Digital Single Market.

Please, see the attached document.