Compilation of Member States notification on SSCDs and QSCDs

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    10 March 2021 - updated 2 months ago
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Compiled list of notified SSCDs/QSCDs + Compiled list of designated bodies for SSCDs/QSCDs

Please note that the compilation of Member States notification on SSCDs and QSCDs will be from now on available in the EU Trust Services Dashboard that unifies and centralizes the CEF eSignature building block tools and information related to the eIDAS trust services backbone. Please follow the link to be redirected to the new environment and make sure to save it for any future reference.


If you are one of the representative of a Member State mandated to notify a QSCD or a designated body, please also use this tool to notify a new information via the “Notify” menu entry. If the “Notify” menu entry does not show up, please request your access via the CEF eSignature Service Desk. A user guide on how to use the EU Trust Services Dashboard for notifying new information can be found following the link.


Note: The last PDF version of the List was published on 9/03/2021 and is still available upon request. The latest version can be found at the new location, in XML format.