Collaboration between Science and Technology and the Arts: STARTS in H2020 WP2016-2017

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The catalytic role of the Arts for innovation is acknowledged in the WP2016-2017 in a variety of ways. See WP2016-2017.

This discussion gives an overview of the various actions and shall also act as a means for potential partners to find each other.

(a) There is a general policy around STARTS as expressed in header of WP2016-2017:

'The exchange of skills of artists and creative people with entrepreneurs and technologists will also be promoted. In the ICT area in particular, the STARTS (S&T&ARTS) activity will push for silo-breaking research and innovation practices via collaboration between Science and Technology and the Arts. STARTS will encourages Horizon 2020 projects to dedicate, whenever appropriate, resources to artistic and other creativity-enhancing practices for instance for exploration of technological limits via art installations, developing unexpected uses of technology, testing of unusual technical solutions, and for working on social acceptance.'

(b) There are various topics in WP2016-2017 that have taken up STARTS ideas

  • In WP2016-2017 5.i  (ICT programme) several topic encourage inclusion of artists in their activities
    • ICT 12b Net innovation
    • ICT 32a Start-up Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar
    • ICT 22b                 Technologies for Learning and Skills (here links between technology and the Arts are promoted on education level)
  • In  WP2016-2017 point 17 , the topic on Internet of things ( in particular IoT-01-2016: Large Scale Pilots  pilot 3 on wearables) encourages inclusion of artistic practices.

(c) ICT-36-2016: Boost synergies between artists, creative people and technologists (See again WP2016-2017 5.i  )

The topic 36  is dedicated to establishing the communities the link artists/creatives and industry/technology.  The three subtopics will have each one project funded.

  • 36 a. Innovation Action will establish a structured dialogue between creative people and technologists and in particular finance small projects that work on concrete prototypes emerging from creative-technology collaborations
  • 36.b. Coordination and support actions that will
    • provide brokerage services to establish links and finance inclusion of artists with technology.
    • A STARTS prize (two times 20K EUR per year) to be handed out yearly via a prestigious institution in the art –technology world.

These three actions complement and reinforce each other.

A background on STARTS and its history can be found on the europa website and on the ict art connect website.

The FAQ's relative to the STARTS Call ICT 36b are available here.

This is your space to ask questions and to profile your institution if you are interested in finding partners for possible proposals