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    Thierry Van der Pyl
    3 February 2016 - updated 2 years ago
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Today we are launching consultations on the Digital4Science platform to gather your ideas for Future and Emerging Technologies (FET), more particularly for the thematic orientations of FET Proactive and the FET Flagships schemes. In a third consultation, we are also gathering input on Mathematics for Excellence in Science in Horizon2020.

Research orientations for FET. The essence of FET is to stimulate the technological breakthroughs that will bring about radical change in the future. What are the science and technology themes that would benefit from a deeper exploration? Where do we need to channel resources to achieve the critical mass of interdisciplinary research that can put a new technology firmly on the map for a future wave of innovation? What are the most promising grand challenges in science and technology that can only be achieved through large scale multidisciplinary collaboration?

While we want to use your ideas to prepare the FET Work Programme 2018-2020 in Horizon 2020, the underlying motivation is to lay the basis for future economic and societal benefits for Europe in the longer term.

Do you have a great innovative idea that you would like to share with us? How can we make it happen together? Share your views and help us identify the themes of tomorrow's FET programme.

The deadline for this consultation is 30 April 2016.

Consulting on Mathematics. The Mathematics consultation seeks to shape the future work programmes (2018-19-20) with innovative mathematical content. We aim to explore some specific new areas where mathematics in Europe could make a real difference. 

How can mathematics be used to further European innovation? In which application domains are new mathematics needed? These are some of the questions looking for an answer.

This consultation follows up the workshop held in November 2014 based on the outcomes of a first online consultation on mathematics. It will stay open till 30 April 2016. We will then see how to inject more explicit mathematical content into the future Work Programmes.

Finally, Commissioner Moedas recently launched a debate on a European Innovation Council (EIC) which has raised a significant interest in the innovation community, as evidenced by the publication of a number of position papers, including one from the FET Advisory Group. To develop the EIC concept further, an online consultation has been opened to collect stakeholders' views on a future European Innovation Council.

Remember, there is no such thing as a bad idea. Whatever it is, we'd like to hear it!