eIDAS in Action: the case of FiftyFifty Taxi App

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    18 December 2018 - updated 2 years ago
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We have often said that eIDAS creates many opportunities for the daily life and operations of citizens and businesses across Europe.

Highlighting innovative use cases that make full use of one or more eIDAS services is a great way to improve awareness and understanding of its benefits.

Let me talk to you about one of the use cases that was brought to our attention recently: It is the “FiftyFifty Taxi” App. It helps minors get home safe in Lichtenfels and Kulmbach in Germany.

With this app, teenagers and young adults can travel by taxi at half price on weekends. The remaining 50 percent is paid by the respective district. The aim of the project is to avoid accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.

It is very easy to use: You just need to install the App and register with your eID. This ensures that you are at the right age between 16 and 27 to get the discount.

The technology behind this is the Open eCard platform which allows to perform a mobile proof of identity with the German eID card and can directly be integrated in any Android-based smartphone app.

This innovative development was supported by the European Union in the “FutureTrust” project.


Do you have more use cases of this nature to share with us?

You are welcome to signal them to us or publish directly a non-commercial post here.


How can the eIDAS components also be used?

“Fifty Fity Taxi” is just an example of possible integration of eIDAS in products and services.

eIDAS services can be integrated and provide reliable solutions in many and varied domains such as the transport sector, banking and financial services, professional services, online retail, filing tax returns online, enrolling at university and many more…


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