Gaming solutions for the creation of a modernised skilled workforce

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    18 September 2017 - updated 3 years ago
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By using Applied Gaming solutions, RAGE enables the deployment of new approaches, methods and tools that support social and educational stakeholders at speeding up the creation of a modernised skilled workforce. The sustainability of this market innovation is fostered by the transfer of advanced technologies and know-how to accelerate growth of the EU Applied Game studios ecosystem and secure a competitive supply of skills building gaming products and services.

What is the innovation

RAGE’s technology focus is on reusable components for Applied Gaming. Up to 40 components are available, all of which accommodate pedagogically-oriented functions to support game-based learning. These include learning analytics, emotion appraisal, natural language processing, adaptation methods and many other things. A crucial achievement has been the successful development of the RAGE component-based architecture, which overcomes many technical compatibility and portability issues across the wide diversity of game engines, programming languages and delivery platforms and systems in use.


About the Innovator

The RAGE Research and Innovation team, led by the Open University of the Netherlands, combines the experience of 19 partners from 10 countries, including game studios, universities and organisations using Applied Games to improve the skills, employability and professional performance of the European workforce.  RAGE is transferring reusable game technology components and state-of-the-art knowledge to develop innovative Applied Games easier, faster and more cost-effectively, in order to deliver innovative solutions for the labour market.

Twitter: RageAppliedGame

Out of the lab – Into the Market

RAGE results as well as third party game technologies will be made available through an open repository and community platform supporting the growth of an Applied Gaming Ecosystem that connects game developers, applied researchers, market players and game user organisation. The Ecosystem aims for enhanced synergies through, e.g., cross-border and/or cross-sector collaboration in games and gamification market development and innovative educational activities.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Developing and validating industry wide solutions has been possible through an end-to-end multidisciplinary approach to the entire Applied Games value chain. Actors include knowledge providers (researchers), technology providers (component developers), solutions developers (game studios) and intermediate and end users (schools, universities, corporate trainers), all being represented in RAGE. Launching such multi-sector, multicultural and multidisciplinary collaborative effort would not have been possible to set up and run without Horizon 2020 support.

For more details about the EU-funded RAGE project visit the project website.