VICINTY aims to build and demonstrate a bottom-up ecosystem of decentralised interoperability of IoT infrastructures.

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About the innovator

Our team consists of a mixture of senior personnel with proven technology experience and young professionals with unbiased thinking.The principal focus of the company is to bring novel solutions in the field of IoT with excellent usability parameters. We understand that technology is here to serve people and thus successful solutions bring more than unquestionable technical excellence – they must keep the user in their focus. Along this philosophy we are innovating our products and services.

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What is the innovation

VICINITY connects IoT systems in analogy with the social media with the following similarities:

  •  Instead of human beings, VICINITY connects IoT systems,
  •  Instead of friendships, VICINITY provides interoperable P2P links with open API,
  •  Instead of statuses and photos, VICINITY allows sharing of sensors, energy resources, parking places, etc.

Thanks to the semantic interoperability feature of VICINITY, the users can subscribe for vendor agnostic online services that are deployed at the platform and published in the VICINITY marketplace.

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Out of the lab. Into the market

The operational feasibility of VICINITY has been proved in 6 pilot installations within two H2020 projects. Three of these pilots are dedicated to energy domain while the domains of buildings, health and mobility are addressed by one pilot each.

Pre-commercial pilots are planned to be deployed to prove the commercial potential of the concept in the domain of distributed energy and demand-response.

The planned revenue streams: Per device fee for using the VICINITY cloud and license fee for dedicated installations.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Beside financing key developments that are linked with our innovations, the framework programme significantly helped us at networking with leading research and industrial organisations in Europe.

Moreover, thanks to our participation in Horizon 2020 we keep our innovation focus on the evolving issues of the addressed user domains, rather than on specific problems of our solutions. Thus, we can progress with our innovations a step ahead the dominant business and technology trends.

This innovation was funded via H2020 project VICINTY

Team behind the innovation