The first worldwide tool for electrospray coating of 3D parts with concave surfaces of insulating materials

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About the innovator

Bioinicia is currently an engineering company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of nano and micro-structured materials and to provide high quality electrospinning/electrospraying equipment (Fluidnatek) to fabricate novel  and  nanomaterials.  Additionally, Bioinicia offers consulting regarding materials and process development services to universities, research centres and industry.
Our mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialise products and services based on hydrodynamic atomisation processes (HDA), having a special focus on the Food, Pharma and Cosmetic industries.

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What is the innovation

We have developed a procedure to adhere particles with exceptional functional properties on an inert substrate by using electrospinning/electrospraying technologies, achieving with it superhydrophobic surfaces for easy emptying and self cleaning pourposes. Bioinicia has optimized Fluidnatek equipment for flat and non-flat surfaces, giving as a result first worldwide machine for electrospray coating of 3D parts with concave surfaces of insulating materials.

Out of the lab. Into the market

Bioinicia carries out different market strategies to introduce their electro-hydrodynamics based technologies and engineering tools into the market: first, through contract research and manufacturing services at Bioinicia's in-house facilities to support the pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, food and energy industries, amongst others; second, by licensing or co-commercialization of our own disruptive proprietary products.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The participation in the various framework programmes has leveraged and increased our know how and product portfolios to new areas such as superhydrophobic coatings, active, bioactive, barrier and intelligent packaging interlayers, encapsulation of bioactives, submicronized APIs, and circular bioeconomy products such as bioadhesives. These activities have not only boosted our technical skills and company growth and networking capacity but also broadened our business scope and operations.
This innovation is funded via H2020 project OptiNanoPro

Team behind the innovation



/futurium/en/file/fluidnatekr-le-50-electrospinning-equipment-bioiniciaFLUIDNATEK® LE-50 Electrospinning equipment by Bioinicia