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Logging in/creating an account

I have an EU Login account. Do I need to register separately for EUSurvey?

No, an EU Login account is enough.

To access EUSurvey, click on the login button on the EUSurvey homepage.

How do I connect to EUSurvey?

After you click on ‘login’ on the EUSurvey homepage, you will be redirected to the EUSurvey login screen.

There, choose the option that matches your personal case:

  • If you work for an EU institution – choose the second option to connect, using your EU Login username and password.
  • If you don't work for an EU institution (externals) – choose the first option to connect. You’ll need to have previously registered your mobile phone to pass the two-factor authentication.

Create an EU Login account (if you don’t already have one)

Register your mobile phone (If you don't work for an EU institution)

Contacting the survey owner

How can I contact the survey owner?

Use the ‘Contact’ option on the panel on the right-hand side.

Accessing a survey

What does the following message mean? ‘The url you entered was not correct’.

EUSurvey cannot authorise your access to the survey.

This means that a previously active invitation has been deleted or deactivated after the activation period has expired.

If you think you are using a valid access link, contact the survey author.

What does ‘Page not found’ mean?

It means either that:

  • you’re using an invalid link to access your survey ; or
  • the survey you want to access to has already been removed.

If you think the link is valid, inform the survey author. Otherwise, inform the body that published the invalid link.

What does the following message mean: ‘This survey has not yet been published or has already been unpublished in the meantime’?

It means that the invitation to participate has been sent out but the survey organisers have not yet published or have already unpublished the survey.

For more details, contact the survey owner.

Which browsers are supported by EUSurvey?

Microsoft Edge (last 2 versions) and Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (latest versions).

Using other browsers might cause compatibility issues.

Can I answer a survey using my mobile phone or tablet PC?

Yes, the questionnaire’s design will adapt to the size and resolution of your device’s screen..

Submitting a contribution

What does the following message mean: ‘This value is not a valid number/date/e-mail address’?

The survey author can specify certain types of questions that involve a certain input format, e.g. a number, a date or an e-mail address.

Dates must be in DD/MM/YYYY format.

When answering a matrix question why does the answer I selected disappear?

Some matrix questions are configured in such a way so that you can only select each possible answer once. This is sometimes used for ranking the answers given.

After submitting your contribution

Can I view/print my contribution after it has been submitted?


After submitting, click the print option on the confirmation page.

How can I save a PDF copy of my Contribution?


After submitting, you can request via email a PDF copy of your contribution.

Click ‘Get PDF’ on the confirmation page.

Can I edit my contribution once it has been submitted?

This varies for each survey, depending on its set-up.

For some surveys, you can reaccess after submitting , but for others this feature might not be enabled.

To edit your submitted contribution, use the contribution ID that you got from the confirmation page. This ID also appears on some PDF documents related to your contribution.

If you didn’t save the contribution ID, click the ‘ Contact us’ form.

I just contributed to a survey. Can I see other people’s answers?

This varies for each survey, depending on its settings.

If, after submitting your contribution, you don't see a link to the published results, this feature might not be available.

If you think that the results of this survey could be of public interest, contact the survey author .

Why my PDF viewer gives me an error message saying ‘Insufficient Image data’?

If you upload corrupted images, the PDF reader cannot display the image properly.
This will lead to an internal error with your PDF reader.

To correct this, you must either repair or remove the image.

Why are the little boxes displayed on the PDF export of the survey?

These may appear if the survey authors or participants use fonts that aren’t supported by EUSurvey.

If EUSurvey doesn’t have the character you require, it is replaced with a little box to show that the PDF rendering engine does not support this character.

If you use an unsupported character, then you are advised to report it via the ‘Contact’ section on the right hand-side.

This does not affect your contribution. Once your answers have been saved correctly, they can be easily viewed and exported by the survey author, even if the PDF rendering engine is unable to render your PDF correctly.

Where can I find my saved drafts of my answers?

After clicking on ‘save as draft’, you will be automatically redirected to a page with a link to where you can retrieve your draft to edit and submit your answers.

Be sure to save this link! Send it by email, save it to your favourites or copy it to the clipboard.

Reporting an abuse

Click ‘Report Abuse’ on the right-hand side of the panel if a survey contains illegal content or violates the rights of others (including intellectual property rights, competition law and general law).

For more details, see EUSurvey’s Terms of Service.


This system uses cookies. What information is saved there?

EUSurvey uses session cookies to ensure reliable communication between the client and the server. Your browser must be configured to accept cookies. They disappear once the session is finished.

The system saves copies of your input to a survey locally, so there is a backup in cases such as the server not being available during submission, or your computer being switched off accidentally.

The local storage contains the question IDs and your draft answers.

Once you successfully submit the survey to the server, or have successfully saved a draft on the server, the data is removed from local storage.

You can disable this feature by clicking the checkbox above the survey: ‘Save a backup on your local computer (disable if you are using a public/shared computer)’. Subsequently, no data will be stored on your computer.