Copyright/licence policy

© European Union

Reuse is authorised provided the source is acknowledged. The reuse policy of European Commission documents is regulated by Decision 2011/833/EU (OJ L 330, 14.12.2011, p. 39).

For any use or reproduction of material that is not under the EU copyright, permission must be sought directly from the copyright holders.

Except where otherwise stated, downloading and reproduction of Eurostat data/documents for personal use or for further non-commercial or commercial dissemination are authorised provided appropriate acknowledgement is given to Eurostat as the source, and subject to the exceptions/conditions hereinafter specified.

The general permission granted above does not extend to any third-party copyright material identifiable as such.

The following data/documents may not be redisseminated for commercial purposes:

  • data/documents originating from sources other than Eurostat;
  • data not relating to Member States of the European Union (EU), to the Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) or to the official EU acceding and candidate countries;
  • trade data from the EFTA Member States, i.e. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, from 1995 onwards, and concerning the following commodity classifications: HS, SITC, BEC, NSTR and national commodity classifications;
  • trade data relating to Austria for a level of detail of the Combined Nomenclature of 8 digits;
  • all logos and trademarks;
  • entire Eurostat documents bearing a restrictive copyright notice, whether displayed online in PDF format or published in paper edition. Commercial redissemination thereof is subject to prior request for permission addressed in writing to the Publications Office (see full address details below).

When data/documents are adapted or modified by the user, this shall be explicitly stated at a suitably prominent place on his work.

Copyright queries in case of doubt regarding the re-use of Eurostat data/documents shall be addressed in writing at:

The Publications Office of the European Union
Official Journal and Access to Law Directorate
Copyright / Licences, Pre-litigation and Legal Issues Section
2, rue Mercier
L-2985 Luxembourg
Fax: (352) 2929-42755