Network training meeting in Prague, February 27 - March 1, 2019

Network training meeting in Prague, February 27 - March 1, 2019

February 27 – March 1, 2019. Training Public Management for 21st Century.

Our Public administration and governance network is now some three years in operation. In order to provide the member an opportunity to look back, we have prepared an unique three-day training in Prague.

/esf/transnationality/file/training-agendaTraining agenda

/esf/transnationality/file/practical-infoPractical Info

Training idea:

This training meeting has the title “Public Management for 21st Century” and tries to answer the fundamental question what should the governments do to serve well today and also tomorrow. In three days we will recap and interlink topics already discussed at most of the PAG meetings - namely our Study Visits to Amsterdam (Jeugdbescherming Regio Amsterdam), Scotland and Finland and the network meetings in Bratislava (Systems Thinking and improvement of public services), Prague (Strategic management), Tallinn (Public sector innovation and experimentation) and Brussels (Leadership, motivation). The topics will be set into wider picture and will integrate both the theory and case studies (Troubled families in the UK, Social housing repairs in the UK, Youth protection in Amsterdam, Care at home in the Netherlands, Criminal Justice in the Czech Republic and others). Large parts of the training will consist of group works and reflection of the topics. 


The training will be facilitated by Benedict Wauters, Vladimír Kváča (PAG Network experts) and Richard Kokeš (PAG Network member).

Training materials:

/esf/transnationality/file/day-1-general-introductionDAY 1 - General introduction

/esf/transnationality/file/day-1-recap-jocelyne-bourgonDAY 1 - Recap of Jocelyne Bourgon

/esf/transnationality/file/day-1-prisoner-experienceDAY 1 - Prisoner experience

/esf/transnationality/file/day-1-prisoner-personasDAY 1 - Prisoner personas

/esf/transnationality/file/day-1-2-3-main-presentationDAY 1 - 2 - 3 - Main presentation

/esf/transnationality/file/day-2-motivationDAY 2 - Motivation

Minutes / report from the meeting : 

/esf/transnationality/file/minutes-meeting-1Minutes of the meeting