Within HUB

Within HUB

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Call for projects
SE 2018 Coordinated Call - Social Economy, Inclusion, Youth Employment and Migrants
Title in the national language
Within HUB
Acronym or short denomination
Within HUB
Measure under which the project is presented in English
Youth Employment
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Ludvig Einarsson

Project manager
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Project Idea summary
The project intends to develop and implement a outreach method targeting NEETs and implement a HUB that offers NEETs to take part in: education, employment, courses and/or volunteering.
  • New activities for young people who are not engaged in any form of employment, education or training (NEET)s.
  • Improved collaboration between different departments taking part in the work with NEETs.
  • Continue and develop the proactive outreach to find the NEETs.
  • Develop the activities and methods used in the Young Innovation Hub for increased collaboration.
  • Learn and disseminate methods and experiences between partners.
Results and deliverables
  • Establish a proactive method for outreaching activities targeting the NEETs.
  • To develop, adjust or transfer methods between partners in order to promote mutual learning.
  • Common activities (studies, collaborative exercises, volunteering).
  • Individual activities (work/internship, volunteering).
Experience and facilities available
Our organisation is currently engaged with several ESF-projects. One of them is Within, a national ESF-project targeting NEETs. In the transnational project, we want to try and develop methods that could be implemented in the organisation. Furthermore, a Young Innovation HUB has been opened in Hässleholm that we want to develop further together with a transnational partner.
Expected partners and their roles
  • Develop a outreach method.
  • Develop and open a HUB.
  • Take part in activities and host NEETs that undertakes various training/work missions. 
Target groups
End date of transnational activity
Thursday, 30 September, 2021