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Urban Waste Water Directive

The texts of the Directive, its amendment and associated Commission decision

Council Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment was adopted on 21 May 1991 to protect the water environment from the adverse effects of discharges of urban waste water and from certain industrial discharges. On 27 February 1998 the Commission issued Directive 98/15/EC amending Directive 91/271/EEC to clarify the requirements of the Directive in relation to discharges from urban waste water treatment plants to sensitive areas which are subject to eutrophication. This had the effect of amending Table 2 of Annex I.

Commission Decision 2014/413/EU was adopted on 26 June 2014 and replaces the Commission Decision 93/481/EEC on 28 July 1993. It defines the information that Member States should provide the Commission when reporting on the state of implementation of the Directive according to Article 17, and specifies the format in which the information should be provided. This Decision was adopted in accordance with Article 18 of the Directive.

The full text of these pieces of legislation can be found by following the links below: