Non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems

What are the options for non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems?

This Focus Group is ongoing.


  • Make an inventory and clustering of non-chemical weed management practices in arable cropping systems for the different pedo-climatic zones in the EU.
  • Analyse challenges and opportunities regarding the implementation of these practices, notably in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness at farm level as well as their transferability to other conditions (location, type of production).
  • Identify key factors (such as knowledge requirements, decision support tools, partnerships) and analyse technical/economic/social barriers related to the adoption of these practices by farmers.
  • Analyse the interaction of non-chemical weed management practices with other challenges, such as carbon sequestration, nutrient losses, soil degradation/erosion/compaction and biodiversity.
  • Collect good practices and success stories on reducing herbicide use from different European areas, taking into account experiences of farmers and advisers as well as the findings of potential innovation activities carried out by EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and research projects in this field.
  • Propose potential innovative actions and ideas for Operational Groups to stimulate the use and improvement of non-chemical weed management.
  • Identify needs from practice and possible gaps in knowledge concerning non-chemical weed management which may be solved by further research.



Other information:

Focus Group members:

Surname, first name

Profession Country

Beuling, Dirk Jan

Farmer Netherlands
Calha, Isabel
Researcher Portugal
Cannon, Nicola
Researcher United Kingdom
Chachalis, Demosthenis
Researcher Greece
Colchester, Ben
Farmer Ireland
Delanote, Lieven
Adviser Belgium
Dierauer, Hans Ulrich
Adviser Switzerland
Henriet, François
Researcher Belgium
Jesenko, Tončka
Adviser Slovenia
Kübler, Stefan
Industry Germany
Melander, Bo
Researcher Denmark
Montull Daniel, Jose Maria
Researcher Spain
Murdoch, Alistair
Researcher United Kingdom
Omon, Bertrand
Adviser France
Ranaldo, Marzia
Researcher Italy
Rasmussen, Ilse A.
Civil servant Denmark
Rodriguez, Alain
Researcher France
Rosian, Manuela Teodora
Farmer Romania
Ståhl, Per
Adviser Sweden
Treis, Judith
Other Germany

Facilitation team

Riemens, Marleen

Coordinating expert Netherlands
Schreuder, Remco
Task manager Netherlands
Gätje, Emilie
Backup Germany

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