Reducing antimicrobial use in poultry farming

How to reduce the use of antimicrobial treatments in poultry in order to fight the spread of antimicrobial resistance?

The Focus Group is ongoing.


  • Identify innovative hygienic and treatment practices (housing systems, feeding, heating, etc.) in order to reduce or even stop the use of antimicrobials.
  • Make an inventory of specific alternatives to antimicrobials including vaccination, feeding approaches and breeding. Document good practices.
  • Analyse the economic implications (cost-benefit, risk, investment needs) of these alternative practices. Identify the financial parameters needed to evaluate and compare the economics of existing strategies and innovative solutions to reducing the use of antimicrobials.
  • Propose potential innovative actions and ideas for Operational Groups in order to develop and explore (integrated) strategies to reduce the use of antimicrobials and protect health and welfare of livestock.
  • Identify needs from practice and possible knowledge gaps which could be solved by further research.
  • List good practices on how to change attitudes, habits and the human behaviour of farmers, agri-advisers and veterinarians and also on how to improve the dissemination of information.

Focus Group members:

Surname, first name Profession Country
Jansson, Désirée Researcher Sweden
Lévêque, Gérard Industry France
Hamina, Hanna Representative of an NGO Finland
Sparks, Nicholas Researcher United Kingdom

Cerdà-Cuéllar, Marta

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Researcher Spain

Gefeller, Eva-Maria

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Other Germany
Hardy, Margaret Other United Kingdom
Koopman, Rik Industry Netherlands

Scerri, Karl

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Farmer Malta
Delezie, Evelyne Researcher Belgium
Ribó Arboledas, Oriol Adviser Spain

Suojala, Leena

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Researcher Finland

Molteni, Roberto

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Civil servant Italy
Kreyenbühl, Karin Other Switzerland

Guarino Amato, Monica

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Researcher Italy

Roque, Bruno

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Industry Portugal

Petkevičius, Saulius

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Industry Latvia

Harmandjiev, Philip

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Farmer Bulgaria

Molnar, Daniel

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Industry Hungary
Christensen, Laurids Siig Researcher Denmark
Facilitation team

Garcia Manzanilla, Edgar

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Coordinating expert Ireland

Gätje, Emilie

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Task manager Germany

Schreuder, Remco

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Backup Netherlands

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