Bee health and sustainable beekeeping

How to ensure the sustainability of beekeeping in the face of challenges linked to pests and diseases, intensification of agriculture and climate change?

This Focus Group is ongoing.


  • Identify sustainable apicultural practices and tools to cope with challenges posed by climate change and to better control pest and diseases, including harmful invasive species (e.g. Vespa velutina).
  • Identify sustainable agricultural practices (at plot, farm and landscape level) influencing beekeeping, including non-chemical alternatives for plant pest and disease prevention and control (i.e. preventive agronomic practices such as crop rotation and use of biological control).
  • Harvest the existing knowledge on ways to monitor the effect of environmental and climatic conditions, beekeeping practices and agricultural practices on bee health and production.
  • Identify remaining research needs from practice and propose possible directions for further research.
  • Propose priorities for innovative actions by suggesting ideas for Operational Groups or other project formats to test solutions and opportunities and ways to exchange the practical knowledge gathered beyond the Focus Group.


Other information

Focus Group members:

Surname, first name Profession Country

Tosi, Simone

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Researcher France

Sgolastra, Fabio

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Researcher Italy

Bock, Marc

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Farmer Finland

Aimon-Marie, Florence

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Adviser France

Gregorc, Aleš

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Researcher Slovenia

Sunderland, Stephen

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Civil servant United Kingdom

Hatjina, Fani

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Researcher Greece

Simeonov, Petko

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Farmer Bulgaria

Garibay, Salvador

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Adviser Switzerland

Hautier, Louis

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Researcher Belgium

Bröker, Ulrich

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Adviser Germany

Ruiz-Martínez, José Antonio

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Adviser Spain
Pries, Frens Researcher Netherlands
Bruneau, Etienne Representative of an NGO Belgium
De la Rua, Pilar Researcher Spain
Sançana, Ana Paula Representative of an NGO Portugal

Dupleix, Anna

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Researcher France
Dobrescu, Constantin Representative of an NGO Romania

Nabulsi, Zeid

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Farmer Italy

Chlebo, Robert

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Researcher Slovakia
Facilitation team
Fabricius Kristiansen, Charlott Coordinating expert Sweden

Guimarey Fernandez, Beatriz

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Task manager Spain

Lepmets, Eike

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Backup Estonia

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