Precision farming

Precision farming is a management approach that focuses on (near real-time) observation, measurement, and responses to variability in crops, fields and animals. It can help increase crop yields and animal performance, reduce costs, including labour costs, and optimise process inputs. All of these can help increase profitability. At the same time, precision farming can increase work safety and reduce the environmental impacts of agriculture and farming practices, thus contributing to the sustainability of agricultural production.

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Latest news
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13/06/2022 Horizon 2020 project wins online award European Union digitisation, sensor, data-driven agriculture
13/06/2022 Farm data for better farm performance European Union data management, digitisation, Farming / forestry competitiveness and diversification, decision support system (DSS), sensor, data-driven agriculture, sustainability
13/06/2022 Inspirational idea: Using data to manage environmental impact of livestock farming France environmentally friendly farming, Animal husbandry and welfare, beef cattle, goat, sheep, decision support system (DSS), precision farming, sensor
07/04/2022 Collaboration between Estonian and Finnish Operational Groups  European Union dairy farming, animal health, digitisation, sensor, innovation, knowledge exchange, operational group
10/01/2022 Virtual farm visit - precision agriculture to reduce pesticides European Union demonstration farm, digitisation, non-chemical pest control, precision farming, Pest / disease control, pesticide
EIP-AGRI activities
Dates Title Country Keywords
05/02/2020 to 06/02/2020 EIP-AGRI seminar: New skills for digital farming Spain AKIS, digitisation, precision farming, data-driven agriculture, information and communication technologies (ICT)
22/05/2019 to 23/05/2019 EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Non chemical weed management 2nd meeting Portugal arable farming, Farming / forestry competitiveness and diversification, decision support system (DSS), productivity, agricultural robot, Farming practice, non-chemical weed control, precision farming, focus group, Plant production and horticulture
12/12/2018 to 13/12/2018 EIP-AGRI seminar: Multi-level strategies for digitising agriculture and rural areas Belgium digitisation, value chain, precision farming, General, data-driven agriculture, information and communication technologies (ICT), rural development, rural economies, Supply chain, marketing and consumption
22/06/2016 to 23/06/2016 EIP-AGRI seminar ‘Data revolution: emerging new business models in the agri-food sector’ Bulgaria digitisation, Farming / forestry competitiveness and diversification, business model, decision support system (DSS), precision farming, advisory service, Supply chain, marketing and consumption, marketing
Other European events
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17/05/2022 Workshop „Network to innovate: Farm data and IT solutions “ Other decision support system (DSS), precision farming
Published on Title Country Keywords
11/07/2014 Mainstreaming precision farming digitisation, decision support system (DSS), Farming practice, precision farming, precision irrigation, Food quality / processing and nutrition, sensor, General
Online (external) resources
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26/09/2019 Agriresearch factsheet on digital transformation in agriculture and rural areas European Union digitisation, agricultural robot, precision farming, sensor
16/09/2019 ECHORD experiments of agriculture robots European Union agricultural robot, precision farming
11/01/2019 SFATE smart farming training for employment portal European Union decision support system (DSS), agricultural robot, precision farming, education tool, training
04/12/2018 Praktijkcentrum voor Precisielandbouw Netherlands digital innovation hub, digitisation, precision farming, training
18/11/2018 AgriSo – agriculture from soil to satellite Romania digitisation, precision farming, precision irrigation, sensor