Digital Day 2018 took place in Brussels on 10th April 2018. This one-day event brought together high-level stakeholders in the fields of digital technology and telecommunication. The event was organised by the European Commission under the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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Digital Day 2018 reached for joint commitments related to the digital future of Europe in order to encourage investment in European digital technologies and infrastructures. A digitally strong EU will contribute to a competitive and socially secure society, better public services and security.

To achieve these goals, Digital Day 2018 presented sessions on the following priorities:

The event also followed-up on the agreements reached during Digital Day 2017 in Rome. Last year’s event concluded agreements and actions related to High-Performance Computing (HPC), digital transformation of jobs and skills, digitisation of industry, and connected automated mobility

Digital Day 2018 Agenda
You can check the results of the open voting pole realised on each of the sessions or join the still on-going debate on Twitter, by using the hashtag #DigitalDay18.
Also, you can explore what was said during the total of Digital Day's sessions by clicking on the following playlist: 








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