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Date: 10/04/2018 (14:30-15:30)

Blockchain is seen as one of the key emerging technological trends and a major opportunity for Europe. As stated by Atomico in their State of the Union Tech 2017 report, "within deep-tech, AI and blockchain are seen as the areas where Europe is best-positioned to gain world-leading status".

Blockchain technology introduces new paradigms and enables basic services that correspond to the needs of collaborative models and cross border services to be established in Europe.

We see impressive investments in blockchain start-ups and various firms from different sectors are testing blockchain solutions. A significant number of Member states have already started to pioneer blockchain initiatives with the aim of developing and reinforcing local innovation ecosystems and aiming to create governmental services on blockchain.

This session will discuss how we can ensure that Europe seizes all the opportunities offered by a transformative blockchain ecosystem, building on existing leading initiatives, pooling forces and collaborating further on specific actions towards a European Blockchain Infrastructure for services of public interest.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Ann Mettler

Introduction by Jeremy Millar, Coordinator of the European Blockchain Observatory & Forum

Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament (Rapporteur of the EP/ITRE resolution on blockchain)

Sorin Moisa, Member of the European Parliament

Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary in the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, Slovenia

Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Netherlands

Karol OkoĊ„ski, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Digital Affairs, Poland

The session will close with the signing ceremony of the declaration of "Cooperation on a European Public Blockchain Partnership"

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