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Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid SA.100004 Spain 16.03.2022 Compensation for indirect ETS costs in Spain for 2021-2030
State Aid SA.100005 Italy 27.10.2021 COVID-19: Exemption from social security contribution for the employment of women
State Aid SA.100006 Greece 12.10.2021 COVID-19: Aid to electronic media providers (amendment to SA.63896 (2021/N))
State Aid SA.100007 Spain INV - Programa de Fomento de la Transferencia Tecnológica (INVESNOVA)
State Aid SA.100008 Spain INV - Proyectos de I+D en el sector de las tecnologías de la información y comunicaciones (TIC)
State Aid SA.100009 Slovakia Schéma štátnej pomoci na podporu udržateľnosti a odolnosti kultúrnych inštitúcií v znení dodatku č. 1
State Aid SA.100010 Spain ASOC - Programa de empleo con apoyo de personas con discapacidad en el mercado ordinario de trabajo
State Aid SA.100011 Spain INV - Proyectos de I+D en el sector de la automoción
State Aid SA.100012 Spain INV - Programa de fomento de la economía circular
State Aid SA.100013 Latvia 18.11.2022 Funding and remit of Altum until 2029
State Aid SA.100014 Lithuania 04.01.2022 COVID-19 - LT - Deferral of import excise duties and VAT
State Aid SA.100015 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: Waterstofvrachtwagen_met_e-axle_aandrijving
State Aid SA.100016 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: Transition
State Aid SA.100017 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: Biologisch teeltproces,_duurzaam,_water_besparend,_zonder_zandverstuivingen
State Aid SA.100018 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: Weedlaser:_de_autonome_AI_onkruidbestrijdingsrobot
State Aid SA.100019 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Ontwikkeling_van_een_analysemethode_voor_gezonde_plantenvezels
State Aid SA.100020 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Recycling_Aluminium_Chloride
State Aid SA.100021 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Ontwikkeling_prototype_duurzame_lichtgewicht_boarding_ladder
State Aid SA.100022 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Ontwikkeling_prototype_recess_cover_system
State Aid SA.100023 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Ontwikkeling_Proto_Clean- & Inpak_unit
State Aid SA.100024 Spain INV - Ayudas a proyectos de efecto tractor (HUB) de la Comunidad de Madrid
State Aid SA.100025 Ireland 06.10.2021 COVID-19 - IE -Events Sector Covid Support Scheme - Amendment SA 64412
State Aid SA.100026 Germany 31.03.2022 Baden-Württemberg: Quality Label Baden-Württemberg - Re-introduction of SA.43584 (2016/N)
State Aid SA.100027 Denmark Lån til energieffektiv fjernvarme - Hornsyld Klimavarme
State Aid SA.100028 Denmark Lån til kultur og bevarelse af kulturarv - Vardemuseerne
State Aid SA.100029 Italy REGIONE FVG - Opere di potenziamento e miglioramento della dotazione infrastrutturale del terminal intermodale della SDAG Gorizia
State Aid SA.100030 Ireland 29.10.2021 14th Prolongation of the Restructuring and Stabilisation Scheme for the Credit Union Sector
State Aid SA.100031 Czechia 03.03.2022 Reintroduction of the aid scheme for upgrading and constructing combined transport terminals
State Aid SA.100032 Czechia Colours of Ostrava a COLOURS UNIVERSE
State Aid SA.100035 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Next_Generation_Aquafarming
State Aid SA.100036 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: Ozon_module_biogasreiniging
State Aid SA.100037 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Dopple_Antenne_Tuning(DAT)_chip_ontwikkeling
State Aid SA.100038 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Hybride+Scheepsenergiesysteem
State Aid SA.100039 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: Ontwikkeling_vacuum_schuurmachine
State Aid SA.10004 Germany 07.05.2002 Aid to Saalfelder Hebezeugbau, GmbH, Thüringen
State Aid SA.100040 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: ExportYoungPlant
State Aid SA.100041 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_NH onderhoudswerkzaamheden 11 historische windmolens
State Aid SA.100042 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_:Coating_en_coatingspuit_zuigermotoren
State Aid SA.100043 Netherlands NL_BZK_CSDO_SNN_: thermische_conus
State Aid SA.100044 Sweden 18.10.2021 COVID-19: Prolongation and amendment of compensation scheme SA.57372 (SA.58631, SA.59609, SA.63073) for undertakings faced with turnover losses due to COVID-19 during May – September 2021
State Aid SA.100045 Ireland 13.10.2021 Brexit Temporary Tie-up Scheme
State Aid SA.100046 Spain INV - Programa de subvenciones Transferencia Tecnológica 2021
State Aid SA.100047 Slovakia Schéma štátnej pomoci poskytovanej v Slovenskej republike prostredníctvom Fondu na podporu umenia v znení dodatku č. 1
State Aid SA.100048 Germany 09.12.2022 Bund: Community Task common agricultural structure and coastal protection - Group of measures 5C Forestry cooperations
State Aid SA.100049 Netherlands NL_VWS_ZonMw_UitvoeringssubsidieMentaleveerkrachtindewijk
State Aid SA.100050 Poland Aid to compensate for income foregone from the sale of pigs from African swine fever areas
State Aid SA.100051 Spain INV - Ayudas a Startup y pyme de la Comunidad de Madrid
State Aid SA.100052 Finland 19.11.2021 Amendments to the Pan-European Guarantee Fund in response to COVID-19
State Aid SA.100053 Germany KMU-innovativ: Materialforschung (ProMat_KMU)
State Aid SA.100054 Belgium Projectoproep 'Hergebruik Restwater'