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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C1/1998 Italy 22.12.1999 Fonds de garantie en faveur du secteur de fruits et legumes (Sicilia)
State Aid C1/1999 Ireland 08.06.2000 State aid to non-residential building tenants in the Custom House Docks Area (CHDA) in Dublin
State Aid C1/2001 Germany 01.10.2003 Guarantie for a company processing vegetables (Thüringen)
State Aid C1/2002 Italy 05.03.2003 Art.26 de la loi 32/00 : aides pour l'internationalisation des entreprises (Sicile)
State Aid C1/2003 Germany 25.07.2003 LIP 2000 - Bremen
State Aid C1/2005 France 26.04.2006 Aide à la restructuration en faveur d'Euromoteurs
State Aid C1/2006 Spain 11.03.2008 Loan to Chupa Chups
State Aid C1/2007 Portugal 24.01.2007 Projecto de auxilio relativo à empresa - COFACO Açores - Industria de Conservas SA
State Aid C1/2008 France 04.06.2008 Industries de transformation et de commercialisation du secteur de la pêche et de l'aquaculture
State Aid C1/2010 Belgium 17.11.2010 Aide à l'enlèvement et à la destruction des animaux trouvés morts
State Aid C10/1998 Spain 21.12.2000 Obligations de service public relatives aux liaisons maritimes
State Aid C10/1999 Germany 28.06.2000 CR10/99 - Salzgitter Ag, Preussag Stahl AG et les filiales sidérurgiques du groupe, SAG
State Aid C10/2000 Germany 15.11.2000 Aid in favour of STAMAG Stahl und Maschinenbau AG
State Aid C10/2001 Italy 30.01.2002 R&D aid to Lucchini SPA, ECSC steel
State Aid C10/2002 Italy 17.07.2002 ILVA - Environment - ECSC steel
State Aid C10/2003 Netherlands 29.10.2003 Non profit harbours for recreational crafts
State Aid C10/2004 France 01.12.2004 Restructuring aid in favour of BULL
State Aid C10/2006 Cyprus 07.03.2007 Restructuring to CYPRUS AIRWAYS
State Aid C10/2008 Germany 02.02.2009 € - $ - Restructuring aid to IKB
State Aid C10/2010 Spain 23.03.2011 Restructuring aid to A NOVO Comlink SL
State Aid C11/1997 Italy 16.12.2003 Aids for transport extra-costs of agricultural products. Aids provided for by Articles 1, 10, 13, 17 and 19 of Regional Law N° 33/1996 (Sicilia)
State Aid C11/1999 Netherlands 13.02.2001 Investment aid in favour of Hewlet Packard - SCI Systems
State Aid C11/2000 Italy 20.06.2001 Investment aid to RIVIT Spa, non - ECSC steel
State Aid C11/2001 Netherlands 30.10.2001 Prolongation of waste disposal system for car wrecks
State Aid C11/2002 Italy 20.04.2004 Piemonte - Déviation de circulation des poids lourds
State Aid C11/2003 Germany 07.05.2004 Second rescue aid in favour of Fairchild Dornier GmbH
State Aid C11/2005 Germany 12.10.2006 Aid for an ethylene pipeline - Bavaria
State Aid C11/2006 Italy 08.11.2006 Stranded costs for the municipalizzate
State Aid C11/2007 Italy 02.07.2008 Restructuring aid to Ottana Energia
State Aid C11/2008 Poland 10.12.2008 $ - MSF - 2002 - PL - BVG Medien Beteiligungs GmbH (BVG)
State Aid C11/2010 Ireland 29.06.2011 € - $ - Restructuring of Anglo Irish Bank
State Aid C12/1998 France 16.11.1999 AIDE EN FAVEUR DE L'ENTREPRISE COFIDUR
State Aid C12/1999 Belgium 19.12.2007 Protection de l'environnement contre la pollution par les engrais
State Aid C12/2000 Netherlands 07.02.2001 Aide au développement en faveur de la Chine
State Aid C12/2001 Germany 28.11.2001 R&D aid to EKO-Stahl GmbH
State Aid C12/2002 Italy 02.07.2002 Acciaierie de Valbruna - Environment - ECSC steel
State Aid C12/2003 United Kingdom 17.09.2003 CCL Exemption for coal mine methane
State Aid C12/2004 Italy 11.03.2008 Trade fairs
State Aid C12/2005 Germany 20.12.2006 Large investment aid under the 1998 multisectoral framework in favour of e-glass AG
State Aid C12/2006 Czechia 12.09.2007 Aide au transport combiné pour la periode 2006-2010
State Aid C12/2007 Slovakia 11.12.2007 Tax exemption to Glunz&Jensen
State Aid C12/2008 Slovakia 27.01.2010 Possible state aid involving Bratislava Airpport and Ryanair
State Aid C12b/1995 Italy 16.12.2003 National Law n. 185/92 on natural disasters (Articles 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9) (Sicilia)
State Aid C13/1999 Germany 09.04.2002 Thüringer landesentwicklungsgesellschaft M.B.H. (LEG)
State Aid C13/2000 Italy 29.11.2000 Environmental aid to ECSC steel companies
State Aid C13/2001 Germany 01.10.2003 CR13/01 - Aide en faveur de Jahnke Stahlbau
State Aid C13/2002 United Kingdom 21.01.2003 Stamp duty exemption for non-residential property in disadvantaged areas
State Aid C13/2004 Luxembourg 25.02.2009 Lignes directrices concernant les aides liées aux tests aux animaux trouvés morts et aux déchets d'abattoir
State Aid C13/2005 United Kingdom 07.12.2005 Shetland Sea Fish Limited
State Aid C13/2008 United Kingdom 11.02.2009 aid to channel 4 linked to digital switchover


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