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Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP)

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The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP) aims at stimulating a wider uptake of innovative ICT based services and the exploitation of digital content across Europe by citizens, governments and businesses, in particular SMEs.

Objectives of the programme

The focus is placed on driving this uptake in areas of public interest while addressing EU challenges such as moving towards a low carbon economy or coping with an ageing society.

The programme contributes to a better environment for developing ICT based services and helps overcome hurdles such as the lack of interoperability and market fragmentation.

Activities supported by ICT-PSP

Funding goes mainly to pilot actions, involving both public and private organisations, for validating in real settings, innovative and interoperable ICT based services in areas such as:

  • ICT for health, ageing and inclusion;
  • Digital Libraries;
  • ICT for improved public services;
  • ICT for energy efficiency and smart mobility;
  • Multilingual web and Internet evolution.

Networking actions for sharing experiences and preparing the deployment of innovative ICT based solutions in such areas are also supported, as well as the monitoring of the Information Society through benchmarking, analyses and awareness raising actions.

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