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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP)

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The EIP, one of the specific programmes under the CIP, seeks to support innovation and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the EU, focusing on:

  • Access to finance for SMEs through "CIP financial instruments" which target SMEs in different phases of their lifecycle and support investments in technological development, innovation and eco-innovation, technology transfer and the cross border expansion of business activities.
  • Business services: the "Enterprise Europe Network". Business and innovation service centres all around the EU and beyond provide enterprises with a range of quality and free-of-charge services to help make them more competitive.
  • Support for improving innovation policy: Supports transnational networking of different actors in the innovation process and innovative companies, including benchmarking initiatives and the exchange of best practice.
  • Eco-innovation pilot and market replication projects for the testing in real conditions of innovative products, processes and services that are not fully marketed due to residual risks and that are aimed at reducing environmental impacts, preventing pollution or achieving a more efficient use of natural resources.
  • Support for innovation and SME policy-making through contracts and grants: Analytical work and awareness raising activities (i.e. conferences and studies) on certain industrial sectors, SMEs or innovation policy are organised to inform and support policy-makers, and make policy suggestions to increase cooperation between EU Member States.
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