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Week End at YoM Stand

AULA in Madrid, 20/02/2013

During the week end, at AULA Education Fair, there are no buses of secondary school students filling the corridors around Youth on the Move stand. The public is composed rather of families, university students, young couples or parents, concerned by the future of their children, in this moment of paralysis of the job market.

Flamenco music comes from a near stand, where students of a dance academy are performing traditional Spanish dances. In Youth on the Move stand there is also constant movement: people asking for information, youngsters painting on the wall of expression, sitting and chatting with their peers who have already benefited of EU mobility programmess for studying, volunteering or working abroad.

We met there Elisa Perez, coordinator of the Erasmus Student Network in Spain (, an international association run by ex-Erasmus students, present in 33 countries. The Network is active in 35 universities across the country. After her Erasmus scholarship in Padua (Italy), she got her degree in Law and she is currently working as a lawyer, but, in her free time, she likes to collaborate with the network and to keep in touch with the Erasmus community.

Elisa explains that, among the network's activities, they provide support to incoming Erasmus students, helping them out to find accommodation and to settle, organizing cultural activities and travels. ESN's star project 2012 was "Erasmus in schools": Erasmus students were visiting schools, explaining to students the importance of mobility, of learning languages, and of getting to know other cultures. With kids they were proposing more playful activities to present Europe, while with high school students they were rather sharing their experiences in mobility programmess, highlighting opportunities and challenges.

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