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And the winners are...

Erasmus 25th Anniversary Competition, 02/05/2012



Youth on the Move celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Erasmus programme by asking people to share their Erasmus experience with us. Hundreds of entries were submitted, 10 finalists have been selected and almost 500 submitted their vote!

The three winners among the 10 finalists are listed below!

  • 1st prize: Entry #1: Ed Prosser, (tablet pc)
  • 2nd prize: Entry #9: Nicki Geerse, (mp4 player)
  • 3rd prize: Entry #8: Catia Araujo, (digital camera)

The winners will be contacted soon to redeem their prize.

We would once again like to thank you all for making Erasmus such a great success story! We will keep on changing lives and opening minds for years to come!

The 10 finalists are listed below

List of the entries


Read the text pdf - 113 KB [113 KB]


entry 2

My Erasmus experience in Lisbon started in September 2011 and unfortunately ended in January 2012. It is hard to say just in a few words how much I miss everything: all the wonderful people I met, all the breathtaking places I visited, all the unique experiences I have had the chance to make. The best way to express my feelings, maybe, is just to say "saudade". It is difficult to give a definition of this word, as it is a distinct mark of Portuguese culture. It is also one of the trickiest terms to translate into other languages. As a student of translation, this is also a reason for which this word is very fascinating for me.

Among all the pictures I have taken, this one is very special to me. It was taken at the Castle of São Jorge, one of the most important landmarks in Lisbon. The view is amazing, it is the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen: the river, the bridge, the sunset. It was magical. And then there is me, looking far away through a pair of binoculars. Metaphorically, it is me looking towards my future. It is still uncertain, but thanks to this experience, I have put together another piece of the puzzle.

To conclude, even though it may be off-topic, I also want to say goodbye to Antonio Tabucchi, who died yesterday in Lisbon. He was a great Italian writer who also translated the works of Fernando Pessoa. Portugal was his second home and it is thanks to his amazing book "Sostiene Pereira" (Pereira maintans) that I became interested in Lisbon. If you haven't, I really suggest you read it. :)


entry 3

I spent my Erasmus time in Mons, Belgium. And this tiny little town stole my heart. I had a great time at a great university and made wonderful friends. This photo was taken at the Atomium in Brussels which is of course one of the most famous sights in Belgium. For me this photo really shows what Erasmus does: it connects people.


entry 4

This picture was taken for a reunion last April in Berlin to celebrate our ten years anniversary from the magic Erasmus year in Tuebingen back in 2001. The countries represented in the picture are Italy, Sweden, Finland and Spain. The Erasmus experience has drastically changed our lives for the better. We all speak several foreign languages and work in international environments today, pursuing a dynamic career in a world which is just borderless to us!



entry 6


Read the text pdf - 13 KB [13 KB]


entry 8




Youth on the Move "25th Erasmus Anniversary Contest" Rules

Art. 1. The European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture, is organising the Youth on the Move "25th Erasmus Anniversary Competition", to be held between the 29 February and 30 April 2012.
Art. 2. This contest is open to Citizens or residents of one of the 27 Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Turkey, or Switzerland who took part in the Erasmus programme. Staff working for the European Commission or companies and agencies that have contractual relations with the European Commission for the purpose of this contest may not enter the competition.
Art. 3. The competition consists of each participant uploading a story (in text, photo or video format) to the Youth on the Move Facebook Page in accordance with the requirements specified and attaching the relevant personal information and contact details. Contributions received after the aforementioned deadline shall not be eligible. Any text should preferably be in English.
Art. 4. Fans/friends will vote for their favourite stories from among the top 10 announced at the end of the competition. The final decision shall be irrevocable and may not be appealed.
Art. 6. The European Commission reserves the right to not grant any prizes if it considers this appropriate. The proposed prizes shall be as follows: 1st prize - tablet pc; 2nd prize- mp4 player, 3rd prize - digital camera. Winning texts, photos and videos will be part of the Youth on the Move communication campaign. The European Commission reserves the right to hand out other prizes if it deems to be appropriate.
Art. 7. By participating in this competition the participants ensure that they have the necessary rights to publish the story and images of their Erasmus experience. The European Commission cannot be held liable for any complaint that is put forward against participants of this competition for not having respected rights of other persons or institutions.
Art. 8. By participating in this competition, participants agree that the European Commission reserves the right to reproduce and use all or part of the material relating to this competition, mentioning the name of the author, without refunding the participant and without paying any fee.
In accordance with the aforementioned paragraph, by participating in this competition, participants automatically give exclusive right to the European Commission, to use the material submitted for the purposes of the competition without time or territorial restrictions.
The personal data participants provide shall be used by the European Commission, for the purposes of this competition and in order to inform participants of forthcoming Youth on the Move events. Should participants object to the storage of their data, they should inform the Commission in writing by sending an e-mail to The Commission will deletesuch data from the respective data files.
Art. 8. The simple act of participating in this competition implies acceptance of these rules.

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