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National information and contacts

The Posting of Workers Directive requires EU countries to cooperate and share information.  National liaison offices and authorities responsible for monitoring the terms and conditions of employment have been set up in each country.  These act as contact points for authorities from other Member States, for companies that post workers, as well as for posted workers themselves.

The main tasks of the liaison offices and monitoring authorities are to:

  • Make the information on the terms and conditions of employment referred to in the directive generally available
  • Monitor the compliance with the terms and conditions of employment referred to in the directive
  • Reply to reasoned requests from public authorities for information on the transnational hiring-out of workers, including abuses or possible cases of unlawful transnational activities
  • Examine eventual difficulties arising in the application of public policy provisions.

Please click on the flags below to obtain the contact details of the national liaison offices and authorities, as well as information sheets concerning the implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive, in each EU country. 

If you have been in contact with a liaison office, monitoring authority or other institution in order to get information related to posting of workers, the European Commission wants to hear your experience. You are kindly invited to take a few minutes to answer some questions and possibly give additional comments using the feedback form. Your replies and comments are important for enabling the Commission to assess the situation in all the Member States as regards access to information and administrative cooperation.


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