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Research Note 2009: Economic recession and fertility in the developed world (2009)

Research Note 2009: The global economic crisis and international migration: An uncertain outlook (2009)

Research Note 2009: Transition to adulthood in Europe (2009)

Research Note 2009: The economic situation of older cohorts in Europe (2009)

Research Note 2009: Demographic change and the acceptance of population-related policies (2009)

Research Note 2008: Adoptions in the EU (2008)

Research Note 2008: EUROPOP2008 compared with EUROPOP2004 scenarios (2008)

Research Note 2008: The Impact of Migration on Welfare Systems and Social Services in EU15 (2008)

Research Note 2008: Towards comparable statistics on mortality by socioeconomic status in the EU  (2008)

Research Note 2008: Mixed Marriages in the EU (2008)