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SD-DSS and TLManager

Open Source tools for the creation and validation of eSignatures in interoperable EU format and for the creation of Trusted Lists

When is this solution for you?

You work for the public administration of a Member State and need to put in place solutions for electronic signatures or create and maintain the Trusted List of your Member State.

What can we offer you?

We can provide you with open source software SD-DSS, which can be used for the automated validation of eSignatures, checking them againstthe European Member States’ so-called “Trusted Lists” (each Member State keeps a public list of supervised/accredited service providers issuing qualified certificates to the public).

In addition, with SD-DSS you can enable the electronic signing of documents in your portal.

SD-DSS relies on Trusted Lists for which ‘TLManager’, a complementary piece of software, exists to enable the creation, editing and maintenance of the Trusted Lists.

Our solution at a glance

SD-DSS and TLManager brochurepdf

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Any questions?

Contact the SD-DSS / TLManager project officer (please use the subject line ‘SD-DSS / TLManager')

More detailed information

Visit the SD-DSS and TLManager action page

Who is already using this solution?

  • eJustice portal
  • SD-DSS will be the basis for the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) block on eSignature by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)