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A machine translation service, covering all of the EU's official languages

When is this solution for you?

You receive a question or a request in an official EU language you do not understand. You need to establish if the document is relevant for you or to whom you could forward it for further action.

What can we offer you?

The European Commission machine translation service allows you to quickly check the general meaning of incoming information and call on human translation once you need a high-quality translation.

Since the tool has been trained mainly on official EU documents, it can handle and translate, better than other tools, texts and documents related to EU policy and collaboration in the 24 official EU languages.

The service is available for free to officials of Public Administrations in the EU Member States and EEA countries until the end of 2020. After that date the conditions of use will be set as part of the sustainability plan for the new EU "Automated Translation platform" which is currently being deployed with funding through the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF.AT platform).

Translators in your public administration can also use it together with other computer assisted translation tools they may be using, as MT@EC also produces output in translation-specific formats (tmx, xliff).

Our solution at a glance

MT@EC brochurepdf(2 MB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Get started

Two quick steps to get access to the MT@EC web interface:

  1. Set up an ECAS account by registering with your official email address.
  2. Then send an email to to request activation of your access to the MT@EC web interface, including your full signature and clearly stating your functions and Public Administration you work for.

You will receive confirmation of the activation by DG Translation, together with the link to enable you to start using the machine translation service.

Any questions?

For any questions on the use of MT@EC, please contact DG Translation.   

More detailed information

Visit the MT@EC action page

Who is already using this solution?

  • The EU Institutions
  • EC Information Systems and online services such as IMI, nLex and Solvit
  • Around 500 individual officials from Public Administrations in the Member States

Key facts and figures

Number of pages machine translated in 2014: 7 195 735

User testimonials

Kate Anderson, Business Analyst at the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs – European Commission

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MT@EC to others, it is relatively easy to integrate, and it provides a reliable and secure service covering all pairs of official EU languages.”

“The feature that is most useful for us is that it seamlessly integrates into the IMI application. […] We also appreciate greatly the fact that the service is continuously being upgraded.”

Check out the full user testimonial.pdf(282 kB)