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Our ISA solutions for you

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The ISA programme supports the development of tools, services and frameworks in the area of e-Government. The solutions below are already operational. Most solutions and services are available free of charge to any interested Public Administration in Europe.



Tools and Services

  • Joinup

    A platform facilitating the sharing and reuse of IT solutions developed for Public Administrations

    You would like to set up your own national collaborative platform and catalogue of reusable IT solutions providing similar services to those of

  • EFIR

    The European Federated Interoperability Repository (EFIR)

    You are working in a public administration of a Member State of the European Union, a standardisation body or the industry.

  • Semantic standards:

    Core vocabularies, the Asset Description Metadata Schema, and the DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe.

    You work in the area of government metadata management and want to check up on and possibly reuse semantic assets (metadata and/or reference data), or understand semantic interoperability requirements and tools. You are looking for lessons learnt and case studies. You want to share your own semantic assets.

  • Re3gistry

    A tool to manage and share reference codes

    You would like to exchange data cross-border and cross-sector using reference codes. You would like to manage and share reference codes.

  • European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)

    A single tool facilitating participation in public procurement across the EU

    You are a public administration body engaging in public procurement.
    You are a company participating in a tender.

  • Common Public Service Vocabulary Application Profile (CPSV-AP)

    A common data model for key business events and public services.

    You are responsible for implementing a catalogue or a portal of public services in your country. In some cases you may need to compile and publish information about public services from various authorities.

  • MT@EC

    A machine translation service, covering all of the EU's official languages

    You receive a question or a request in an official EU language you do not understand. You need to establish if the document is relevant for you or to whom you could forward it for further action.

  • IMI

    The Internal Market Information System, a flexible administrative cooperation platform

    You work in a national, regional or local authority, and you need information from an authority in another Member State.

  • Open e-Prior

    An e-procurement system for Public Administrations

    You are a European administration intending to switch to e-Invoicing or e-Procurement, or a system integrator working on an eProcurement approach for a European administration.

  • EUSurvey

    A tool for creating, managing and analysing online surveys and public consultations

    You would like to create and conduct multilingual online surveys or consultations with easy analysis of results.

  • Open e-TrustEx

    A secure document exchange platform

    You are a European public administration that needs to electronically exchange information with other entities in a secure way.

  • SD-DSS and TLManager

    Open Source tools for the creation and validation of eSignatures in interoperable EU format and for the creation of Trusted Lists

    You work for the public administration of a Member State and need to put in place solutions for electronic signatures or create and maintain the Trusted List of your Member State.

  • sTESTA

    A Data communication network service, operated by the European Commission

    You would like to implement an information system to exchange data between your administration and other administrations in Europe (EU and national). The security and availability of the data are especially important to you.

  • OCS for ECIs

    Online Collection Software to support European Citizens' Initiatives

    You are the organiser of a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) and wish to gather statements of support online.


    Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens

    You are a member of a widespread collaborative group. You would like to share information and resources in private workspaces over the web.

Frameworks and supporting solutions

  • EUPL

    The European Union Public Licence

    You want to publish your software under an open source licence that has a clear legal standing in European law.

  • EIRA

    European Interoperability Reference Architecture

    You work in a public administration. A cross-border public service is about to be developed. You would like to keep costs down and reuse solutions that have already been developed.

  • NIFO

    The National Interoperability Framework Observatory

    You work for a public administration and you are in charge of drafting or reviewing your National Interoperability Framework (NIF).

  • IMM

    Interoperability Maturity Model

    You want to assess the interoperability readiness of your services and raise awareness of the need for interoperable solutions.


    Common assessment method for standards and specifications

    You want to use ICT standards or specifications in procuring and implementing your regional, national or cross-border ICT services. You would like to make sure that you choose the best available ICT standards or specifications to fulfil your business needs.