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European Interoperability Reference Architecture

When is this solution for you?

You work in a public administration. A cross-border public service is about to be developed. You would like to keep costs down and reuse solutions that have already been developed.

What can we offer you?

The ISA programme of the European Commission is currently developing the European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA) for classifying and organising building blocks relevant to interoperability, which are used in the delivery of digital public services. The goal is to facilitate interoperability and reuse when developing public services.

At the same time, ISA is developing the European Interoperability Cartography (EICart) of solutions. Once available on Joinup, the collaborative platform of ISA, the cartography will be used for discovering existing solutions which can be reused by public administrations at any level. This will accelerate the delivery of public services in a cost-effective manner.

Our solution at a glance

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Any questions?

Comments on the work products? Contact the EIRA team.

More detailed information

Visit the EIRA action page and the EIRA description on Joinup.

Who is already using this solution?

Denmark, Estonia, The Netherlands, DG CONNECT/e-SENS and DG MARE are using the solution in pilot stage in its latest version 0.8.3 beta.