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Promoting sharing and reuse of interoperability solutions


Sharing and re-use strategy

When is this action of interest to you?

You are working in a European public administration and you want to reduce the cost and shorten the time to implement public services by re-using already available solutions and learning from the best practices.

You are working in a European public administration preparing new legislation procedures, or recommendations - for example related to the creation of interoperable services, and would like to learn from other Member States' similar legislations, studies, best practices in the field.

What is this action about?

This Action will define a common strategy to enable the efficient and effective sharing of several types of artefacts linked to the provision of public services in Europe.

Public services can be implemented faster and more efficiently by using already available solutions and common services, and by learning from the experiences of other Member States. In addition, using the same solutions and adapting best practices to one's needs often indirectly result in services which are more interoperable and more open.

The concept of sharing and re-use can be applied to all levels and all types of artefacts, for example, technical solutions such as IT applications, semantic assets such as different taxonomies or code lists, or even frameworks, guidelines, legislations and licences such as the European Union Public Licence. 

Several ISA initiatives in the area of sharing and reuse relating to open source software, semantic assets, as well as assessments of standards and specifications will be embedded in the overall approach.

Europe - or for that matter - most of the world experiences an economic crisis. This crisis requires public administration to do the same or even more with much less. It is in that context that reusing already available solutions has the potential to bring much needed savings.

What are the objectives?

This Action will define a strategy addressing the following issues:

  • kinds of solutions that can be shared;
  • organisation of reuse and sharing at a European level;
  • contribution of other ISA actions and their links to sharing and reuse practices;
  • identification of main barriers for sharing and reusing;
  • better development of reusable solutions;
  • leverage of existing national initiatives;
  • selection of reusable solutions at a European level;
  • identification of the market reusable solutions to public administrations;
  • ensuring reuse at all government levels.

What are the benefits?

  • Savings of time and resources as well as indirect facilitation of interoperability through the reuse of existing public services solutions all over Europe.

What are the next steps?

  • Development of an European sharing and re-use framework. The framework will provide generic recommendations, instruments, and suggest supporting measures to facilitate the sharing and re-use of IT solutions in the public sector. The framework is currently being reviewed internally and prepared for public review, which is expected in the third quarter of 2015.
  • Organising a sharing and re-use conference. The aim of the conference is to discuss and share good practices related to the sharing and re-use of IT solutions on a policy, and also practical level. The conference is expected to be held in the first quarter of 2016.
  • Organise a sharing and re-use award. The award aims to facilitate future sharing and re-use by recognising best practices in Europe. The exercise is planned to be started in the third quarter of 2015.

What is going on at national level?

Some countries have national legislations requiring sharing and re-use already in place. Examples are Spain (Esquema nacional de interoperabilidad, Royal Decree 4/2010) and Italy (Codice dell'amministrazione digitale). These countries recommend the use of open specifications, make it mandatory to share solutions developed by public administrations and have set up national repositories for easier sharing. 

While these legislations are already a remarkable step towards the elimination of barriers and the re-use of already developed solutions, they focus on the technological transfer level only and remain on national level.
This Action will assess whether there is a need to extend the type of shared solutions and information to the European level. It will target besides technological assets also semantic, organisational and legal ones.

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