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A repository of IT solutions, building blocks and components

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European Federated Interoperability Repository (EFIR)

When is this action of interest to you?

You are working in a public administration of a Member State of the European Union, a standardisation body, or in the industry. The Repository of Interoperability Solutions on Joinup allows you to identify IT solutions, building blocks or components that can be re-used rather than redeveloped from scratch, to provide high quality interoperable public services in Europe. The catalogue holds thousands of reusable technical specifications, standards, software and other IT solutions for the public sector.

What is this action about?

The action develops and maintains a repository of reusable IT solutions on the portal. While some Member States have already established their national portals containing similar interoperability solutions for re-use, the Repository gives an overview at a European level that did not exist before. The repository aggregates relevant solutions from more than 40 partner repositories using a standardised way of describing interoperability solutions. The repository currently holds more than 2 000 interoperability assets (standards, technical specifications, software, frameworks, open licences) and related content (guidelines, software documentation, etc.)

The repository is visited on average by 10 000 users per month. More than 2 000 solutions are downloaded every month.

The A repository of IT solutions, building blocks and components (EFIR) aggregates the content (interoperability solutions) on Joinup. It is implemented as an extension to the existing Joinup website, which currently also helps administrations collaborate (Joinup hosts more than 400 projects), stay updated on their sectors of expertise, and exchange good practices in user communities.

The EFIR is on the one hand a common and central repository service run by the European Commission, and on the other a re-usable generic tool that can be used by national public administrations that wish to set up their own national repository of re-usable solutions.

What are the objectives?

  • Facilitating the sharing and re-use of IT solutions in the public sector by providing a federated repository of high quality, reusable interoperability solutions.

What are the benefits?

  • Access to a set of interoperability assets that can be re-used in the National Interoperability Framework (NIF). The assets that can be re-used are not only the software systems or parts thereof, but also guidelines, methods and techniques, organisational and legal regulations and formal specifications.
  • Exchange of interoperability assets with EFIR and their local installations on the platform.
  • A light-weight federation with non-EFIR repositories will become available via the ADMS specification for describing IOP assets.
  • EFIP allows an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Member States in specific areas of interoperability, and promotes EIS, EIF and related concepts and ideas.
  • Publishing communication protocols, guidelines and standards freely and on a central portal would allow the European industry to adapt their software systems more easily to governmental needs.

What are the next steps?

  • The repository is currently undergoing a re-scoping exercise and is being refined to have a selection of fewer and better quality (better documentation, more context information, better potential for re-use) solutions. In parallel, this action will set up the European Interoperability Cartography.
  • The cartography will be hosted in the Joinup repository, with a focus on high quality, trans-European IT solutions and building blocks. The action will set the exact scope and governance model for the catalogue by Q4 2015, and will start to populate it in Q1 2016.

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