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Help and advice on living, working and travelling in the EU

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Your Europe – reuse of national content

When is this action of interest to you?

You are working in a public administration and are charged with providing EU-relevant information to businesses and citizens. You would like to access comprehensive, up-to-date information from other public administrations in one central place. You would also like to provide your own national information to just one central site and not to several. This programme will ensure fast, cost-effective exchange and coherence across platforms.

What is this action about?

Your Europe is a European Commission web portal providing help and advice on living, working and travelling in the EU. It aims to help citizens know their rights and find practical tips for moving around Europe. It also provides multilingual information and online government services for companies doing business in another country. Your Europe is operated jointly by the European Commission and national Member State authorities.

This ISA programme sets out to facilitate the exchange of information between the Your Europe portal and national information portals and aims to develop, share and reuse a common framework for European information portals. The common framework will be in a semantic asset form and thus contribute to semantic interoperability.

Until now, national information for the Your Europe portal has been provided through a non-automated process of ad hoc requests addressed to national authorities via the members of the Your Europe Editorial Board.

This is a time-consuming exercise for both national authorities and the European Commission. Due to the lack of common terminology and content structure between different national portals and Your Europe, national authorities are obliged to feed two portals with information at the same time. People who wish to find information online are confronted with a multitude of presentations, different terminologies for similar or identical concepts, etc. This does not reinforce the feeling of an efficient European information service.

What are the objectives?

  • offering to Member States an automated, cross-border information exchange and updated semantic asset for the structure of their national portals;
  • facilitating simple, fast, cost-effective exchange through content syndication and, importantly, ensuring coherent information for the user across the two portals;
  • providing savings in resources, both for the EU Commission and public administrations, increased cooperation, transparency and a multilingual service catalogue.

What are the benefits?

  • Available EU assistance services (Europe Direct, Enterprise Europe Network, CSS, SOLVIT, European Consumer Centres network, etc.) can provide their services directly via Your Europe.
  • Reusable semantic asset for national information portals ensuring semantic interoperability.
  • Coordinated and structured way of providing information.
  • Information available in EN, FR, DE.
  • Through content syndication, the resource intensiveness for providing the content would be kept to a minimum.
  • Faster access to multilingual information for citizens and businesses.
  • Reuse of life-cycle structure of Your Europe portal as basis for creation of their portals.

What are the next steps?

As a result of the pilot project funded under the ISA programme, a common platform for exchange of content between Your Europe and national portals for citizens and businesses has been created – the Your Europe Support Tool (YEST). Through this platform, Member States can syndicate content from their own national pages for publication on the Your Europe portal, in a format agreed upon with the Editorial Board members. Croatia and Malta are taking advantage of the feature, while a few other countries are considering it. Discussions with Editorial Board members are also ongoing to identify the needs of Member States when syndicating content from Your Europe to their national portals.

Maintenance and possible further development of YEST will be covered by the budget foreseen for the Your Europe portal, through the budget item for single market assistance tools.

Project core data
  • Project start/finish:
    Q3/2010 to Q4/2012
  • Parties involved: European Commission (DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs; DG Taxation and Customs Union; DG Health and Food Safety; DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion; DG Justice and Consumers; DG Mobility and Transport; DG Migration and Home Affairs; DG Education and Culture)
  • ISA contribution: EUR 700 000

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