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Towards a simple procurement eligibility assessment

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European Single Procurement Document Service

When is this action of interest to you?

You are a supplier wishing to participate in public procurement. You are a public administration body engaging in public procurement. The European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) will help you reduce the administrative burden and simplify the participation of buyers and suppliers in public procurement procedures.

What is this action about? 

Many suppliers, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, see the significant amount of certificates related to exclusion and selection criteria as a major obstacle to their participation in public procurement.

The ESPD works as a self-declaration document intended for preliminary evidence, facilitating cross-border participation of potential bidders in public procurement procedures. The ESPD service is a web-based system provided to end users (buyers and suppliers) to create, edit and reuse existing ESPD documents.

The service is provided free of charge to Member States' public administrations, contracting authorities and European institutions. Thanks to its user-friendliness and structured data format it will contribute to higher interoperability of public procurement solutions all over Europe.

All documentation and related code will be provided on Joinup. The semantic data model will be aligned with CEN/BII and e-SENS. Solution providers can reuse the code and extend it according to their needs in order to provide additional value to the users.

What are the objectives?

  1. Reduce the administrative burden and enhancing digitisation of procurement procedures
  2. Simplify participation in public procurement procedures for buyers and suppliers
  3. Facilitate cross-border public procurement

What are the benefits?

Procurers use the ESPD service to define the to-be-evaluated exclusion and selection criteria, pre-fill the ESPD and provide it in a structured way to the potential bidders. When the procurer receives completed ESPDs from the bidders for a particular procedure, a summary table can be generated for the procurer to get an overview of all bidders' compliance with the criteria.

Suppliers use the ESPD service by simply filling in the ESPD, without the obligation to attach any certificates.Suppliersindicate the compliance with the criteria and submit the ESPD form together with the rest of the bid.

The ESPD service includes a form for sharing the users' feedback with the European Commission in order to improve the quality of this service.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate cross-border bidding, the ESPD service is linked to e-Certis, a tool that helps clarify what kind of certificates and attestations are required by procurers in their own or other countries.

What are the next steps?

In line with the new Directives on Public Procurement, the ESPD will be adopted by an implementing act by the end of 2015. The online tool will start to be developed in December 2015. The service will be made accessible to procurers and suppliers both in the public and private sectors.

Project core data
  • Project start/finish:
    Q4/2014 to Q4/2015
  • Parties involved: European Institutions (Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW), DG Informatics, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT), Publications Office of the European Union)
  • ISA contribution: EUR 204 000

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