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Promoting interoperable eProcurement across Europe


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When is this action of interest to you?

You are a European administration intending to switch to eProcurement or a system integrator working on an eProcurement approach for a European administration. You need to cover the last mile between PEPPOL and your back ­office systems. The e-PRIOR tool, the open-source eProcurement platform, is a free-to-use and will help you connect to the PEPPOL network and deploy eProcurement services while reducing the cost of your investment.

What is this action about?

The e-PRIOR Open Source eProcurement services platform is being developed in parallel with the PEPPOL ePro­curement project. The aim is to enable public administrations to connect to the PEPPOL network, which has moved towards the operational stage.

Under development since 2007, e-PRIOR has already been suc­cessfully deployed within the European Commission, equipping it with one of the most mature electronic services platforms in the eProcurement domain.

The next challenge is to stimulate the take-up of cross border electronic procurement by Member States’ administra­tions by using e-PRIOR as a ‘bridge’ to facilitate and accelerate European Public Administrations’ connection to PEPPOL.

Together, the PEPPOL and e-PRIOR projects represent a significant opportunity for Europe to boost the use of eProcurement. This project will enable public administrations to get connected to PEPPOL easily, making use of the tried and tested e-PRIOR platform (which embeds a PEPPOL gateway). As the private sector gets on board, e-PRIOR will also serve as a learning tool for private companies to develop their own eProcurement commercial solutions, based on European standards.

Since the core elements are already in place and tested at the Commission, participation in the pilot can be achieved within a relatively short timeframe.

What are the objectives?

  • Harnessing the deployment of the e-PRIOR system to accelerate connection to PEPPOL by European Public Administrations.
  • Bringing together a critical mass of users for widespread adoption of PEPPOL, thus promoting cross-­border eProcurement in Europe.
  • Supporting the transition of PEPPOL into the production phase by promoting the industrialisation of ePRIOR’s infrastructure service components and the reuse of these building blocks in other sectors.

What are the benefits?

  • Free-to-use open source tool for connecting to the PEPPOL infrastructure and permitting deployment of eProcurement services.
  • Maintenance and further development is guaranteed.
  • Free-to-use open standards for data and processes (cEN/iSSS WS/Bii) that have been tested in a real-life environment.
  • Shared experience and support for setting up eProcurement;
  • Large cost savings and efficiency improvements, with reduced investment.
  • First step in making this platform available for cross-sector re-use and Member State deployment of e-PRIOR for any electronic business document exchange.
  • Reducing the effort required by public administrations to connect to PEPPOL during and after its pilot phase, thus accelerating the adoption of this enabler of interoperability.

What are the next steps?

  • Short List Management: Building on the management of short lists developed for e-Submission, in order to make it available to other stages of the e-Procurement process (2-step, evaluation, awarding, execution of framework contract, and so on).
  • e-Evaluation and e-Awarding: creation of basic functionalities to cover the needs of document exchange between the contracting authority and the economic operator during the evaluation and awarding processes.

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