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Making administrative data available for reuse

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Open Government Data

When is this action of interest to you?

You want to check up on and possibly reuse European Commission open data.

What is this action about?

Governmental agencies are considered to be the most significant data owners and providers in modern societies. The sheer volume and wealth of this data makes apparent the potential benefits of reusing, combining, and processing governmental data.

However, administrations are typically reluctant to make their data available, for various cultural, political, institutional and technical reasons. They keep data within their legacy systems, fenced and isolated. The EU has already taken action in this area via the Public Sector Information Reuse Directive.

Meanwhile the Open Government Data (OGD) movement has recently emerged in various countries and promotes the open use of public sector information.

The goal of this action is to assist the Commission in understanding the role of OGD and how the Commission can make relevant information available to others for reuse.

Based on existing best practices, a small-scale pilot implementation will be set up to gather experience, identify directions and receive feedback on how OGD technologies and tools can be used within the Commission context.

What are the objectives?

Running a small scale pilot implementation, to gather experiences, identify directions and receive feedback on how OGD technologies and tools can be used within the Commission context.

What are the benefits?

  • easy access to European public sector data and information;
  • European citizens
  • new business opportunities for value-added services and data mash-ups in a single EU Public Sector Information Marketplace.
  • Industry

What is our approach?

This action contributes to a bigger project that covers:

  • Identification of national, regional, and local Open Government Data (OGD) projects in the EU and beyond;
  • Understanding policy and technological drivers;
  • Identification of best practices;
  • Understanding implementation strategies, costs and expected benefits;
  • Identification of possible Commission sources of OGD;
  • Creation of a Commission OGD Community of Practice;
  • Defining the needs of a Commission OGD portal and propose architecture for it; and
  • Proposing a structural approach to OGD in the Commission and how this structural approach should create synergies with work done in Member States and elsewhere.
Project core data
  • Project start/finish:
    Q3/2011 to Q4/2011
  • Parties involved: European Commission (DG Informatics)
  • ISA contribution: EUR 100 000
Want to know more?

Contact the Programme Manager - ISA Action 11500

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