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Audit reports

Audits can be retrieved from our database in PDF file format (for more about PDF files please see the Europa FAQ section on PDF). To retrieve reports use the search form below.

The form provides three ways of searching the database:

  • Use the top part of the form if you already know the year and/or number of the audit.
  • Use the middle part of the form to search by country, by date range, and/or by text search.
  • Use the lower part of the form to search by report publication date

Note: all audit numbers are now listed in the standardised format: *YEAR-NUMBER*.


Last 5 Reports

Country Audit number Title Audit period
Portugal 2018-6488 Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Nov 2018 Report details
Cyprus 2019-6701 PDO, PGI and TSG for agricultural products and foodstuffs and GI of spirit drinks Jan 2019 Report details
Bulgaria 2018-6463 Food of animal origin, in particular milk and milk products Oct 2018 Report details
Argentina 2018-6459 Food of animal origin (horse meat) Nov - Dec 2018 Report details
Netherlands 2018-6339 Use of insects in animal feed Nov 2018 Report details