Local Administrative Units (LAU) Local Administrative Units (LAU)

To meet the demand for statistics at local level, Eurostat has set up a system of Local Administrative Units (LAUs) compatible with NUTS.

At the local level, two levels of Local Administrative Units (LAU) have been defined:

  • The upper LAU level (LAU level 1, formerly NUTS level 4) is defined for most, but not all of the countries.
  • The lower LAU level (LAU level 2, formerly NUTS level 5) consists of municipalities or equivalent units in the 28 EU Member States.

Since there are frequent changes to the LAUs, Eurostat follows up its development from year to year.

The NUTS regulation makes provision for EU Member States to send exhaustive lists of their Local Administrative Units to Eurostat. If available, Eurostat receives additionally basic administrative data by means of the annual LAU lists, namely total population and surface area on LAU level 2.

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Correspondence table LAU 2 – NUTS 2013, EU-28 2015
Correspondence table LAU 2 – NUTS 2013, EU-28 2014
Correspondence table LAU 2 – NUTS 2013 /NUTS 2010, EU-28 2013
Correspondence table LAU 2 – NUTS 2010, EU-28 2012
Correspondence table LAU 2 – NUTS 2010, EU-28 (Census) 2011
Correspondence table LAU 2 – NUTS 2010, EU-27 2011
Correspondence table LAU 2 – NUTS 2010, EU-27 2010


This project, supported by the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, is a specific project that is independent from regular Eurostat population data collection(1). In this data collection, European Local Administrative Unit (LAU)  population data has been complied for the period 1961-2011.  The data collection covers EU Member States, certain Candidate Countries and EFTA countries.  The spatial level of detail for most countries corresponds to the LAU 2-level, while Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia and Turkey have LAU-1 coverage.  The geoposition and population have been collected for one year in each decade.  For the sake of comparability, data has been recalculated for the 2011 local administrative boundaries and interpolated for the following dates: 1st January of 1961, 1981, 1991, 2001, 2011.  From the table below, you can download Reports in pdf format and figures in Excel format (zipped files).  The downloadable report "Population Data Collection for European Local Administrative Units from 1960 onward", describes the method used to compile the geo-referenced European LAU population data.

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(1)  The data in this collection contain estimates that are not necessarily consistent with official Eurostat figures. Use of the data for non-commercial purposes is allowed, provided that all sources are adequately mentioned.