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Next Steps

End 2008 :
Shaping the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)

- EIT Governing Board starts dialogue on a common vision.

The mission of the EIT is to explore excellence in entrepreneurship education, research and business for world class innovation. In view of making the EIT operational, a top priority for the Governing Board is the selection of the first two or three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) by January 2010. KICs are highly integrated partnerships composed of businesses, entrepreneurs, universities, research institutes and technology centres that will produce new innovation models and inspire others to emulate them.

A clear vision on their future shape is therefore essential for the lasting success of the entire initiative, and for boosting Europe's innovation capacity in a sustainable way. The EIT Governing Board is convinced that such a vision – as well as its successful implementation – can only be achieved through meaningful and substantial dialogue with all the relevant stakeholders from the very outset.

The first 'EIT seminar' with stakeholders will therefore be organised in November 2008.

By end 2009 :

Selection and launch of the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). (Within a period of eighteen months from the nomination of the Governing Board).

By the 30th June :

Submission of a draft Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) by the EIT Governing Board to the Commission.

By end 2011 :

Submission of the draft SIA by the Commission to the Council and European Parliament.



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