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3. Economic data

3.3 Prices and production costs [pdf]

Agricultural prices and amounts of Community aid (beginning of marketing year)


3.3.1 S1 - 3.3.1 S2 - 3.3.1 S3

3.3.2 Producer prices for agricultural products in the EU (excl. VAT)
3.3.3 Producer price indices (excl. VAT)
  3.3.3 S1
3.3.4 Annual rate of change of:
(a) consumer prices for foodstuffs and beverages
(b) producer prices for agricultural products Input prices (excl. VAT) S1 - S2 - S3

Input prices in Candidate Countries (excl. VAT)


3.3.6 Agricultural wages, input prices and producer prices (excl. VAT)
  3.3.6 S1

EU price indices for feedingstuffs, fertilizers and soil improvement, fuels and lubricants, and investments in machinery (excl. VAT)

  3.3.7 S1 - 3.3.7 S2
3.3.8 Market value of agricultural land (parcels)
3.3.9 Rents for agricultural land
3.3.10 Trend of purchase prices of agricultural inputs (excl. VAT)
3.3.11 Value-added tax (VAT) rates; producer prices
3.3.12 Value-added tax (VAT) rates; input prices
  3.3.12 S1 Producer prices in the Member States and Candidate Countries S1  

Producer prices in Candidates Countries



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